Qingxi Mooncake


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The custom of moon cake originated from the Tang Dynasty and spread to the people in the Northern Song Dynasty; Qingxi moon cake packaging takes part of the mountain shape in the painting of thousands of miles of rivers and mountains by Wang Ximeng, a talented painter of the Northern Song Dynasty, and applies it to the packaging. It connects the stone green and stone green mountains with the golden box body, presenting a magnificent oriental artistic conception, and gives people a visual impression from ancient times to the 21st century through contemporary design language. The Chinese font uses small regular script with hairpin flowers to reflect its modesty and elegance, while the Western Font uses optima to be generous and noble. The redesigned modern and simple seal focuses on keywords such as the year of the tiger, the Mid Autumn Festival, and Qingxi.

As one of the most familiar traditional Chinese pastries, moon cakes are always handmade by Qingxi, which infuses emotion into every moon cake. Through the brand-new visual achievements, a special package for Qingxi hand-made pastry egg yolk moon cake is created.


Client : Qingxi Mooncake (Changsha)

Service :  Package 

Year : 2022