Brand Identity


标志设计的创意原点,以“大禹治水”使用 的由神农改良的工具“耒耜(lěisì)”为主要 元素。作为绍兴地域文化的代表,大禹依靠 因势利导,以人为本的理念,取得了治水的 成功。

理财如治水,水源充足则蓄水,水源枯竭则 放水,其核心精神与绍兴银行开拓进取,勇 于创新的精神不谋而合;标志的造型则采用 镂空设计的形式,也是中国古钱币寓意中天 圆地方的象征,具有很强的适用性和金融价 值符号的承载感,向上的姿态辅以朝气蓬勃 的红色,更寓意绍兴银行积极向上的发展态 势,开启未来的无限可能。结合极具现代感 的字体展现了绍兴从传统洞见未来的趋势, 传承文化内蕴的核心基因。


The creative origin of logo design is based on the tool "Lei Si" (l), which was improved by Shen Nong and used by "Dayu Water Control" ě Is ì) "as the main element. As a representative of Shaoxing's regional culture, Dayu achieved success in water control by relying on the concept of adapting to the situation and putting people first.

Financial management is like managing water, storing water when the water source is sufficient, and releasing water when the water source is depleted. Its core spirit coincides with the pioneering and innovative spirit of Shaoxing Bank; The design of the logo adopts a hollow out design, which is also a symbol of the round sky and place in ancient Chinese coins. It has strong applicability and a sense of carrying financial value symbols. The upward posture is complemented by a vibrant red color, which further symbolizes the positive and upward development trend of Shaoxing Bank, opening up unlimited possibilities for the future. The combination of highly modern fonts showcases the trend of Shaoxing's insight into the future from tradition and inherits the core genes of cultural heritage.


Project : Bank of Shaoxing / hanjiaying company 

Service : Brand Identity

Year : 2020